The goal of I’m A Father F1rst is to equip fathers with life skills to assist them in gaining the necessary knowledge to be better fathers. We truly believe that the Father is the most intricate and vital piece to the sustainability of a healthy family.

Our stories begin with youth at risk, and these risks are real and troubling. Depending on their age, these boys in our Atlanta communities are faced with increasingly difficult real-life issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Drug dealers
  • Sex
  • Violence
  • Guns
  • Gangs
  • Friends dropping out of school

We want to change the narrative by pairing our Kings (mentees – boys aged 5-16) with adult mentors who can intervene and guide them to a better life. Whether it’s new shoes, clean clothes, a haircut, Boy Scouts, or a sports team, these youth gain confidence and motivation. Our Kings envision a life with renewed hope and purpose! You can see it in their eyes and their smiles.

Hear more of our stories below, and get involved with I’m A Father F1rst today!

Father F1rst stories

Author: Kerry Breen Published: 9:10 AM EDT April 16, 2021

Author: Nick Sturdivant Published: 9:06 AM EDT April 15, 2020 Updated: 1:00 PM EDT April 15, 2020

Author: Neima Abdulahi Published: 9:10 AM EDT March 13, 2019 Updated: 1:04 PM EDT April 15, 2020
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