I'm A Father F1rst utilizes a communal relationship approach to rebuild what has been lost: Fatherhood. We assess what's needed within fatherless or limited father communities and assist with meeting the current and future needs in these bleeding families and individuals.

Without male leaders in their lives, African American youth in Atlanta are at increased risk of many hardships including feelings of sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness and depression. And as they get older, they are exposed to temptations that can lead to serious troubles like drugs and alcohol addiction, drug dealing, gangs, and illegal acts that can result in arrest and incarceration. I’m A Father F1rst wants to intervene at an early age to put positive male influences in the lives of these youth while there is still time to make a difference.


I’m A Father F1rst provides an environment to give that extra support to fathers and young boys (ages 5-16), and bridge the gaps in our communities. We use our abilities and resources to foster relationships by meeting the needs of our neighbors, providing education and mentoring, assisting with family counseling and mental health services, and holding open forums for youth, mentors, fathers, the communities, and their families.

Become a youth mentor

A small thing can make a big difference — like a haircut for our boys at B.E.S.T. Academy. It’s difficult for young boys and teenagers (our Kings as we like to call them) to have a positive outlook when they are wearing old clothes, worn out shoes, and hair that needs trimming. That’s where I'm a Father F1rst steps in! We provide new shoes, haircuts, and uniforms for young boys in need ranging from 5 to 16 years old. Those little things help change their outlook on life in a big way.

We lead by example. We align each of our Kings (mentees) with a mentor to start inserting a positive male role model in his life. For a fatherless child, he meets with a mentor who cares enough to provide the basics and spend one-on-one time, motivate him to be better, coach him on ways to stay on the right path, and love him for who he is and who he can become. In essence, we want to unlock the untapped potential of our young Kings!



Adult and child's hands

First and foremost, we need mentors willing to pour their lives into young men who need a father figure to guide and build them up. Our mentors are special men who volunteer their time to make a difference. Spend one-on-one time to train, coach, educate, and motivate these young men to look beyond their circumstances and local community challenges. Teach them what it means to be a man and a great father. Inspire each young man to live more, dream more, and be more.

We also need community volunteers to help with sporting events, fundraisers, promotional activities, and assist with school outreach. We rely on these volunteers to support our mission, identify youth at risk, and spread the word of I’m A Father F1rst in our local schools and throughout our Atlanta communities.


Our dream is big, our impact is huge, and our fundraising goal is not small. We want to impact 200 children ages 6-16 for a full year at a cost of $5,000 per person. Do the math – that's a $1 million goal. That’s why we need your help! You can volunteer your time as a mentor, donate your funds to our cause, and buy and wear our I’m A Father F1rst merchandise. T-shirts and merchandise sales are what we call “Mission Sauce.” These are not just products; there is a mission behind every sale!

Make a tax-deductible donation in one of the following ways:
Kroger Community Rewards
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$5,000 Sponsorship of One Child for One Year Covers:
  • Mentoring full year through I’m A Father F1rst
  • King Talks – monthly 60-minute session
  • Black Man Lab
  • A Cut Above – two haircuts a month
  • Kicks & Kleats – 1 pair of shoes a quarter, 1 pair of cleats and/or basketball shoes
  • Boy Scouts Annual membership – $1,300 value
  • YMCA Annual Membership and Summer Program – $1,250
  • Sports registration (any sport) paid year-round and sports/training donated through I’m A Father F1rst Youth Sports Association ages 5-14

Attend our events

We host numerous community events within metro Georgia communities throughout the year. These events are fundraisers with a message where you can engage and support I’m a Father F1rst.

Some of these events include:

  • Gun Violence Summit where we discuss gun violence within the neighboring communities in metropolitan Atlanta
  • Fundraisers for sports events (sports can offer these kids a positive way out)
  • Fundraisers for extracurricular events
  • Funds for needy families for their children
  • Christmas, school, and personal needs
  • T-shirts and merchandise sales at local events