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Free Meals For Families Affected by COVID-19

Since launching in March of 2020, Meals of Love has:

  • Served more than 400 families
  • Provided aid to more than 950 individuals (including 120 senior citizens)
  • Delivered food 5 days a week

What Is Meals Of Love?

When the pandemic of COVID-19 began, the team at I’m A Father F1rst saw a need in our Atlanta communities. With some families already struggling to get by, we knew that it was only going to get harder. Because of this, we put together a plan to prepare and distribute nutritious lunches and dinners to the families who were most affected by Coronavirus. This program launched in March of 2020, and we have been giving these meals out five days a week ever since!


How Many People Are Served?


In the past few months, we have been able to provide food to more than 400 families, and almost 1,000 individuals. The average family that we serve with Meals of Love consists of four to six members. We are working diligently to improve on our processes and increase the scope of Meals of Love so that we can keep giving to those struggling to pay bills and take care of children.


How Do I Sign Up To Receive Meals Of Love?


If you are in need of help and would like to be considered for the Meals of Love program, simply fill out this form to be added to the distribution list. If you have other questions or concerns about the program, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team! We may be working primarily from our homes, but we are still here to help you get through this the best that we can.


How Do I Help With Meals Of Love?

If you are doing fine yourself, but would like to assist in the preparation, distribution, or other aspects of Meals of Love, we are always looking for willing and able volunteers. Once again, contact the I’m A Father F1rst team to begin. You will also need to fill out a waiver to be considered for this opportunity. We look forward to adding you to the crew, and we thank you for your willingness to serve your Atlanta family!

We are also always open for donations if you want to help but are wary of leaving the home right now. Any amount, small or large, helps to continue the kindness that we can provide with Meals of Love. You can also purchase I’m A Father F1rst merch, and the money gained from each and every professionally-designed piece of swag will help to reinforce our mission while making you look great! Shop now to find t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and more.


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