The goal of I’m A Father F1rst is to “Rebrand the Man” in every way. Our vision is simple – get more men in the homes with their children. In our society, it’s far too commonplace to see single parent households, absentee, incarcerated, or even deceased fathers. We must change the narrative – we want to create a new vision for the role of our fathers in Atlanta today.
We want to give a new voice to the black man. His vital role makes a difference in the success or failure of our communities. When the father becomes less present or less visible in the home front, our communities begin to suffer. That’s where our King Talk series comes in – we aim to take back our communities by giving men a platform to be seen and heard!

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Personal Needs

We provide new shoes, haircuts, and uniforms for young boys in need.


Sports Fundraisers

We've hosted a sports camp and assisted with sponsorship for local sports teams.


Community Events

We raise funds for needy families to bridge the gap for fatherless kids.


Throughout the year, we organize and participate in various programs that provide for the fathers and young men in our communities. These programs include:

  • Meals of Love
  • Cuts of Love
  • King Talk (Mentee Series)
  • The New Norm Curriculum (Grades K-12)

2019 RICE Award nominee

The Rising In Community Excellence (RICE) Award is awarded to individuals and organizations that demonstrate significant contributions to their communities and act to improve lives around them through impactful movements.

South Fulton County Proclamation

Proclamations are issued by the Mayor and City Council to individuals and non-profit organizations that perform extraordinary acts of service and of high importance to benefit the overall society of South Fulton.

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The Birth of a Dream

Founders Keith A. Lewis, Jr. and Jermaine Clarke are natives of Atlanta, GA, and they are outstanding leaders who have launched several successful businesses. In 2017, they began a movement to show the world that their drive, commitment and passion stemmed from one central thing – being a father first! From there, the organization “I’m A Father F1rst” was formed to bring the village concept back to our communities, starting with the men and fatherless families. Fathers should be leaders, providers, kings, example setters, and the head of the village. Today, the organization still stands on the principle: WE ARE THE VILLAGE! 40% of the world’s homes are fatherless and in need of fathers to be around, so I’m A Father F1rst works within the Atlanta community to help young men in need. Our communities will see change when our men step up in leadership, and the most important leadership role most men will experience is fatherhood.